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Maggoty Ceilidh Band

Maggoty for your wedding ceilidh.

A ceilidh is an ideal evening event for your wedding. It appeals to all ages from kiddies to grannies and it quickly gets everyone introduced to each other. One of the first dances is likely to be progressive so the groom's mates will get to meet, even grab hold of, those rather delicious bridesmaids - without even asking. Of course they could end up with the maiden aunt instead. Get up and have a go.

You will need guests who are ready and willing to join in and have fun - at least a core who are up for it. The bubbly which flows at weddings helps the undecided to put away any inhibitions they might have. If everyone you know is a miserable old fart, or will only get off their backsides to a thumping drum and bass we'll do our best to convert them but we can't work miracles.

Maggoty Ceilidh Band

Format for the evening.

We'll be happy to run a ceilidh lasting the whole evening so you don't need to book a disco as well. Some people however do like to finish up with a disco into the small hours. That's fine with us but don't try to alternate the disco and ceilidh - in our experience that destroys the atmosphere. If you have a special song you'd like as a first dance we can put that on our CD player - but most people just launch into the first ceilidh dance - with the bride and groom up there from the beginning setting an example (good or bad) for others to follow.

Remember that it will take us some time, allow an hour, for us to set up the PA and do a sound check. If the evening dance is in the same room as the daytime events your guests may need to escape to a bar somewhere while the floor is cleared and we get ready. If you want a Scottish or Irish feel we can include the standard dances that you'll remember alongside lots of dances you probably won't have done before. We often get asked to play “Haste to the Wedding” for instance. Something different.

If you'd like some listening music to cover the drinks reception or meal we have contacts. We know an excellent string quartet (we're totally unbiased or swayed by the fact their violin player is Nicola). Alternatively Mike, our blow man, also plays in a ancient music band so you could keep the 'rustic' approach for the whole event. Let us know if you want to contact them. The musicians of Maggoty have performed at many successful wedding ceilidhs over the years. Contact us to discuss whether we could be right for your big day.