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Maggoty Ceilidh Band

Mike Billington

Mike has been involved on the folk scene for nearly forty years. He played with the band Rebec back in the 1970s and 1980s and their album Ayres that meads and pastures fill will be released in the autumn/winter of 2013.
Mike was the founder member of the ceilidh band Madcap who have been playing for over twenty five years.
Mike also produced and presented the folk programme on BBC Radio Manchester in the 1980s before going on to independent radio and he was on the sports team with Lancashire's Red Rose Radio where he covered football matches around the North West and Yorkshire. He has also written for music magazines and danced with Gorton Morris Men
Mike currently plays with Bill in the duo Corvus and is a founder member of Maggoty. He plays recorders, crumhorns, shawm, rauschpfeife, oboe and bagpipes from diverse countries such as England, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Scotland and Bohemia. His new project is to learn the hurdy-gurdy.
Another project taking up much of Mike's time is his membership of Radnor the band formed by legendary ex Purple Gang member Joe Beard. The five piece band perform Legends of the Edge, a suite of songs linked with narration and a slide show tracing the stories surrounding the mysterious Alderley Edge in Cheshire. The legend of the holy iron gates and the farmer on his way to Macclesfield market and his subsequent journey with the wizard Cadellin to the cave of the sleeping knights is well known in the area. But this story is just part of a tapestry of love lost, ancient wells, salacious affairs, illicit progeny, ghostly violin playing, revenge, pagan rituals and more that is traced in this 80 minute long performance.
Mike's first solo album, Sol Invictus, was released in Spring 2013 on the Epona record label. It can be ordered from

Picture of Mike Billington